It’s common knowledge that Customer Care is central to the TravelPerk experience. We’re constantly hearing stories about last-minute bookings that save marriages. About complex, almost impossible combined tickets that get people home safe and sound against the odds. Even about monkey plush toys as special requests for hotel rooms (yes, that’s a thing here).

It’s so important, even, that we have a dedicated space for this type of storytelling at our End of the Week meetings, where agents are encouraged to delight us with 7 Star Stories that would make the Odyssey look like a children’s book.

But that’s not…

Admiring our beautiful wireframes

How User Research helped us redesign this feature

Good time for ch-ch-ch-changes…!👩‍🎤

Having recently raised series B, opened some new cities in Europe and launched several amazing marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness it was time for us Product Designers at Badi to revisit one of the main sections of our platform: the Search feature. Here is where users looking for a room to rent–we’ll call these Seekers, enter the location they wish to live in and apply filters to find an accommodation of their choice. We had gone through a soft rebranding the year before, but no substantial changes were made to the flow or the UI structure.

We had a…

Javiera Craig

Product Designer, failed rockstar.

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